Note regarding the works reproduced here

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The works reproduced here are, for the most part, those which Zarfin had in his studio. Several are currently held in private collections or in galleries and these pieces are marked with the abbreviation (Coll).

The reproductions displayed as part of the launch of this website (May 2008) illustrate many, but not all aspects of Zarfin’s work. Other
reproductions will be added progressively over time, but all will be in lower quality definition. Thus, they can give only an approximate idea of his works, and many of the nuances of his style of production are missing. The colours will be more faithfully reproduced on a Macintosh screen (ColorSyn system).

The entire body of works presented here were produced roughly between 1930 and the early 1970s, but few of the paintings were dated precisely or can even be dated precisely. The fabric designs reproduced here were done between 1928 and 1938. For the most part, it seems that pencil sketches were done during the period when Zarfin and his family had fled to Lyons, then to the area around Grenoble, during the beginning of the 1940s.

None of the paintings has an original title. The titles given here are only meant to make reference to individual works easier. On the other hand, those works that bear an inventory number were, or still are, part of the artist’s estate.


Every reproduction has been given a code such as Z.719.19F.HT or
Z.104.4F.GP, which can be deciphered using the key which accompanies the pictures. These coded titles begin with Z, followed by the inventory number, the format (the various formats are given below) and two letters which indicate the technique used by the artist :

 HT: Oil paintings on canvas
 GP: Gouaches, often with oil, on paper or cardboard
 DP: Drawings
 OP: Diverse works on paper
 PT: Fabric designs (gouaches)


By means of a recapitulatory thematic summary, classifications and
research based on these classifications are possible. The following codes have
been utilized to aid further research :

 [Arb] Trees, Forests, Vegetal motifs
 [An] Animals
 [Edi] Buildings, Castles, Cathedrals, Churches
 [Enf] Children
 [Fle] Flowers
 [Mer] Seascapes
 [Mon] Mountains
 [Nei] Snowscapes
 [Pay] Landscapes
 [Per] Figures, Portraits of individuals
 [Vil] Towns, Streets, Urban landscapes
 [Voû] Vaults, Naves

Formats (cm)

0F 18 x 14
1F 22 x 16
1P 22 x 14
2F 24 x 19
2P 24 x 16
4F 33 x 24
6F 41 x 33
6P 41 x 27
8F 46 x 38
8P 46 x 33
10F 55 x 46
10P 55 x 38
12F 61 x 50
12P 61 x 46
15F 65 x 54
15P 65 x 50
20F 73 x 60
20P 73 x 54
25F 81 x 65
25P 81 x 60
25M 81 x 54
40F 100 x 81